Where we come from

EU Design, founded in 1999 as a distributor of trims and packaging for the North American market, has evolved into a manufacturing multinational small business focused on buttons, packaging, fashion trims and custom jewelry for the apparel industry.

Research and Development is key to our growth and a way for us to differentiate our novelties from those of our competitors. Bottonificio Fenili (our factory in Mozzo, Italy) as well as our R&D shop in Hong Kong are fully focused on meeting the trends and the demands of designers and developers.

How we work

Constant introspection and openness to technology helps our young company to drive tangible change in our industry. Sharing the results throughout our organization as well as attention and sensibility towards social responsibility and giving back to society – the many we are involved in – are the ultimate purpose of our efforts.

Community Impact

EU Design supports the 180 Degrees Corporation, a Non Profit Organization active in a small community of sugar cane plantations of Guaymate, Dominican Republic. Our team helps the communities in matters ranging from legal to medical, schooling and assistance to the elderly. Learn more.


Our company culture embodies a number of core values. We have made five of these explicit to enable us to make good decisions – Safety consciousness in our factories, Accountability, Inspiration, Loyalty and Proactivity. These values are fundamental to our identity and cannot be compromised. Read more.