To us, buttons are more than simply functional objects. They can be fashion staples, embellishments – even tiny works of art. Within our eclectic and diverse product range, we specialize in a wealth of materials.

We are eager to learn and test new techniques, and to apply what we learned on all of our materials. Researching for the next innovation always brings us joy.

Real horn

Sustainably farmed in India and east Africa.

Mother of pearl

Sustainably farmed in Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Australia.


German eco brass and Belgian zinc alloy. Our contracts with the material suppliers ensure recycling of all excess material with full elimination of solid waste.


Elegant, natural and renewable , our Corozo is directly and organically sourced in Ecuador.

Biodegradable premium urea

Premium urea is a starch based plastic biodegradable in compost. According to ISO 14855 standards it is the most sustainable of synthetic materials. It does not produce any water discharge nor solid waste.

RCS polyester

Our polyester is Recycled Claim Standard certified and uses 24.95 of recovered material in a circular manufacturing method, aimed to reduce waste and and greenhouse gas emissions.

FSC Wood

Our wood material is FSC certified.

Leather & Salpa regenerated leather

Leather buttons and accessories are braided , cut and sewn in our mills. Salpa leather recovers the leather solid waste and regenerates it into sheets ideal for wrapped buttons and buckles.


Standard or crafted with 100% recycled raw material according to the European Standard (ISO 7823-1).

Cellulose Acetate

Mostly used in eyewear is a biodegradable plastic and imitation of tortoise shell.


Biodegradable synthetic material whose principal ingredient is casein (milk production waste). It is available in imitations of shell, horn and solid colours.


Cotton spinning pulp is poured into rods that create a perfect material for garment dyed programs.