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From raw materials and ingredients sourcing, we transform and manufacture finished products in Italy, India and China. We set new standards in the trims industry by taking the lead and being energetic and inspiring, setting examples to be followed and reaching ambitious goals, being demanding and challenging ourselves and or clients. We work closely with brands, and even closer with the "needles" – the garment factories. Always taking pride in what we do.


We specialize in a wealth of materials. We originate our raw horn and bone throughout our factory in Sonepat, India, where we carefully select the blanks to reach colour, diameter and thickness consistency. Corozo is directly sourced from in Ecuador. Our wood is all certified. Urea blanks are molded from the urea and malamine powders and our polyester is produced from polyresins.

Leather buttons and accessories are braided, cut and sewn in Italy and China, with imminent plans to expand our production in India. Our brass is of top German quality and our Acrylic is purchased from Industry leaders in Italy and China. We are known for our dyeing maturity and colour sensibility.

We are always eager to learn and test new techniques and to apply what we learned on all of our materials, always researching for novelties. All of this results in an eclectic and diversified product range.

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Since 1999 EU Design has been sourcing packaging ranging from paper bags, boxes and tags to cut and sewn duster, garment bags and pouches. With the opening of our factories, we have optimized our departments first working in assembling what was made by our contractors and slowly investing in equipment to best produce carry over orders. Many are the materials we use and the production techniques we apply. We're putting even more effort into this division to ensure competitiveness and specialization.

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Since 1999 EU Design has been distributing fashion trims and collaborating with several grosgrains and narrow fabric manufacturers distributing their beautiful product in the North American market. In early 2017, we opened a joint venture factory to manufacture grosgrain and fancy ribbons, continuing our focus on providing the best of service to those clients who appreciate and share the love for these very special grosgrains.


Since our inception we have been collaborating with fashion brands for product development and production of jewelry pieces including necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and pins. We are also expert in developing fashion metal items including keychains, bag charms, and bookmarks. We work in brass and alloy materials as well as plastics including resin and acrylic.

We now have our own unbranded jewelry line which we present to clients and shows techniques in metalwork, enamel and stonework.

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