Sustainability is more than just a word to us

It extends throughout the organization at all levels – environmentally, socially and financially – following the Triple Bottom Line school of thought.

Environmental responsibility

Every claim we make on sustainable sourcing and manufacturing is fully covered and certified by independent industry accredited laboratories. Our client brands conduct regular audits on our compliance with environmental and social responsibility.

Solar panels at all of our facilities contribute to reducing dependency on fossil fuels by using renewable energy sources.

Sustainability Reports

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Sustainability Report EUBH 2021 (PDF)
Sustainability Report EUBH 2022 (PDF)
Sustainability Report Fenili 2021 (PDF)
Sustainability Report Fenili 2022 (PDF)

Social responsibility

We take our employees’ welfare very seriously.  We strive to be there for our employees, even when local governments and institutions fail. We support and educate our employees in financial and legal matters, and extend them free credit when needed.

At our factory in Italy, 2% of our profits (EBITDA) are rewarded to our employees.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we managed to keep nearly every single one of all our 250 employees on board, even hiring new employees.



Choosing Sustainable Materials

We focus on materials that either come from natural materials that can biodegrade, or synthetic materials that are recyclable or from renewable resources. We work closely with the government of Ecuador from which we have received a certificate of origin for Corozo. Tests by SGS show the biodegradability of our premium urea.

We have strict, GRS certified recycling policies at all of our mills and our 24.94% recycled polyester has obtained GRS status. Our OEKOTEX 100 certifications for all the materials we use are renewed annually at each one of our mills.

A Certified B Corporation

We believe that long-term thinking will not only enable our business to thrive, but that it fosters corporate citizenship, and a responsible relationship to society at large.

We are currently in the assessment process to become Certified B Corporation. We believe EU Design meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Read more at

Waste and Water Management

We optimize waste management by recovering and reusing leftover materials in a lean, circular manufacturing method. Every one of our mills features state of the art water cleaning systems. Our Italian factories have earned the AUA (Autorizzazione Unica Ambientale) for environmental initiatives. We implement efforts towards continuous improvement of water reduction in our processes.