Our Factories

In late 2008, we teamed up with equipment makers and went for the most sophisticated top of the line machines. This proved successful, enabling us to learn how to manufacture buttons, trims and packaging without preconceived notions, free from the past practice. Like a child transitioning from pop to classical music, we first mastered the new tools and only recently learned the old fashioned ways. This has kept us humble, curious and eager to learn.

Each of our facilities carries the same machines, enabling the sharing of information and production techniques and making it possible for us to offer the same product from each facility. The team spirit between the factories is a great example of how a common purpose surpasses any cultural boundary.


In late 2014 EU Design acquired Bottonificio Fenili SRL, an over 100 year old button manufacturer in Italy. Not just a button maker, Bottonificio Fenili turns buttons into poetry. The facility is state of the art and the know-how and attention to detail is exemplary. Our biggest ambition is to preserve expertise and carry on tradition, going against the current, showing that manufacturing is not only still possible in Italy, but can also become a driver of our small business.



India is where our most important raw material comes from. Opening the factory in Sonepat, 2 hours from the Delhi airport, has taught us and our clients that "Made in India" is as impeccable as "Made in Italy".

Since July 2012 we have seen this facility produce real horn, dye corozo and bone, laser and enamel and varnish buttons in a variety of materials. It is immensely gratifying to see its evolution.



Our Shantou joint venture factory was our first and most formative foray into manufacturing. The goal was to become a fully vertical producer of urea buttons, while making real horn and bone, corozo, wood and Italian style leather. We've since focused on improving our product, reaching higher levels of quality and service.

The work ethics at the Shantou factory are truly inspirational. This factory and its internal processes have become the benchmark for others and is now part of our corporate DNA. The HK R&D shop and the Shantou factory work together to test first and industrialize after the production of novelties or the implementation of new finishing techniques. Its product range is the most complete of all our facilities.



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